These days are coming, maybe.

Father Ilnicki preparing to do battle with the Leviathan. He had prayed and tied flies well into the wee hours of the previous evening in a desperate attempt to create an offering that would appease the beast. Alas the monster evaded him but he has been tying at a feverish pace all winter long in anticipation of the struggle that will test all his faith in his limber and light equipment that he uses to cast his offerings of fur and feather. A religious workout regimen at the gym has helped to prepare his wrist and arm for the epic battle that he will face this June in the northern most Adirondacks. He peers from his alcove near Albany, NY and eagerly awaits the return of spring. In this long , long winter all his patience is being tested. I will see you in June Pat. I think all of us in the north east are about sick of the winter of 2011 and only faith is getting us through. Hang in there baby.

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  1. As I sit at my desk peering out at the dealership car lot through the showroom glass on this grey, wet cool morning of April 4th, I can’t help but feel a little guilty… maybe a little anxious over the long wait ahead for myself and our fly fishing family before we will be able to hear the sounds of fast running water and the memorable vistas to behold on and about the private waters of Papa Bears Outdoors . Simply put…Priceless Baby!
    Its’s hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t experienced nature up close … maybe the awe of finding a fawn nestled in her warm bed, two or three feet from rivers edge while treking upstream in quest of larger rewards… then later realize that the real reward was the experience itself. Ah… the art of angling for trout in the wild should be taught to anyone interested in finding out about nature and themselves. Amen.

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