Noahs Arks, let us build one for you!

The northern Adirondacks and most of NYS are experiencing the wettest spring on record. Lake Champlain is at all time record heights with people who live a p to a 1/2 mile from the lake taking on water. Just got back from a trip up there and soggy is the best word to describe it. My two guests did manage to get in one days fishing before the rivers went crazy again. They were the first people to fish this year, that is how high it has been up here and that lasted for one day. They did get some nice ones however. They caught several brookies, two 16 inch browns and one brown that was over 20 inches, so all factors considered they did pretty well. The meals as usual were amazing and one of my local Sherpa guides brought down some homemade horseradish and pickled leeks those in conjunction with some smoked , Lake Ontario brown trout augmented the other delicacies nicely. I dare say that as soon as the weather breaks that the fishing is going to be amazing and so are the insect hatches including the biting ones. With how wet it is, I am anticipating great fishing well into July and August. This is your Adirondack bear signing off for now.

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