I thought the dog days were in August????

The dog is about the only one loving the weather lately. Its been hotter than my ex-wife after a couple of margaritas. Trout fishing has come to a halt and even the river fishing in the Susquehanna is questionable at best. I went small mouth fishing last night and the river water was 87 degrees. Now I have an idea of how a lobster feels as he is lowered in. The carp fishing has been outstanding however and the kids think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread.¬† So not all is lost and I just love watching them battle 20# carp. This weather has forced me into the shop and I have to admit I have been getting a lot accomplished in preparation for the upcoming fall fishing and I constructed several of my custom tree stands and if the weather gets cool in the morning I will get them in place early in the morning. I only have 4o some stands out as it is so I better get some more in. Actually my son is now 12 and here in NY they just lowered the bow hunting¬† age to 12 his tail is wagging to go. I LOVE IT!!!!! The new stands are going to be put in places that I don’t hunt but are guaranteed shot opportunities. Another thing I have been preparing is my minnow holding operation now that we can once again pick our own minnows and not have to buy one that has a USDA certified stamp on his ass. This law was like 6 burrs under my saddle. Once again the people who had nothing to do with the problem were the ones that were penalized and yet the ones whom are causing the problem are allowed to continue on as usual. Why aren’t the ships bringing in their bilge water having to sterilize it before they dump it in the Great Lakes???? Oh yeah that’s right some company that sent our jobs offshore wouldn’t make his 10,000% profit. I better stop now before I have to go drink a 12 pack of sedatives. FISH ON AND OFTEN FRIENDS!!!

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