Especially with salt, pepper and hot sauce!!! I bring my kids their friends and cousins up every year  for and August trip and they have the time of their lives. NO game boy or I-paweds and they don’t even think about them. I have an archery range set up with old bows and arrows I scavenged. I have a BB and pellet gun range and they go through on average 12,000 BBs in 3-4 days. I just about have to have a bucket of water on hand to keep the barrels cool. If their not doing that then they are either eating or tormenting the minnows in the river. It looks like a pack of Otters heading upstream. It is just the perfect way to give our high tech modern children a crash course in nature and respect for it. I know that most of us are very busy in our lives but make time for the kids and show them a little bit of what us old timers(yikes) took for granted when we were growing up. Take lots of pictures and teach them right. Life is finite, good health a blessing, do not put a trip anywhere with them off. A trip like this to the Adirondacks can be a very reasonably priced deal and thanks to our State there are a lot of great camping areas all over. August is a great time up here with it being cooler up in the mountains and most of the blood thirsty bugs have had their day in the sun. The fishing tends to be a little slower and you will relax as you interact with the kids before the little weasels start getting ready for school. I love to start a family trip up here with a stop at Old Forge Water Safari. Nothing takes the excess energy out of them like a good water boarding. LOL!!! From there take them to their campsite for a good feeding and its lights out and parents relaxing around the fire with some ice cold beverages, Perfect start to a trip.

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