Susquehanna Sea Trout

Oh I mean carp as most of you know them as. The catfish have been very uncooperative but the carp have been saving the day and keeping the kids and me quite busy. Nothing spurs the little weasels to want to go more than catching fish that just about pull them in the river. I am actually using the carp as training for the upcoming salmon season at Pulaski and how to handle fish that pull like you had hooked a pickup truck. We get some nice ones here with many in the 20# range, great fun. A nice big can of corn and some heavy equipment = happy children with sore arms and true tales to tell their friends. Now I have so many going with us that it looks like Fisherman’s Wharf with all the lines out. Plus I have their captive attention to instill other outdoor thoughts in their poor little game boy riddled minds. Call Of Duty has black listed me for teaching them the Call Of  Hunting and Fishing. Its not easy being the Anti Gamer but we all have our crosses to bear and I love mine. I hope you all will become disciples in helping to fight the evil X-Box. I used to have a full head of hair, see what a wife and kids will do to you. I told them that before I had them I was a fox with a big bushy tail. Now I have turned into a river rat. I AM LOVING IT . GOD HAS BLESSED AMERICA and I say thank you everyday.

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