Its been kind of quiet

And the dog likes it. I have gotten very little info from my numerous sources so I really have not had much to report. I have been spending a fair amount of time getting my 12 year old son Hunter ready to start bow hunting. A very smart move on the part of our DEC to lower the age for young hunters, I only wish they would follow suit with the guns. Hunting is about one of the safest sports there are because of the amount of safety instruction that is preached on a regular basis. A young person is a 1000 times more likely to get hurt on a ATV or their bicycle than with a firearm but the perception of guns being unsafe lives on. Anyway Hunter is practicing and he is more excited than when he gets¬† a new video game to get after them thar deer, I LOVE IT!!!!! The dog has been having a field day also chasing the bumper crop of rabbits around the house. She can’t catch them but she is having a great time trying. I think its funny to watch them about 10 feet in front of her and they seem to know she can’t quite catch them. They seem to love playing the role of the quarry. Great exercise for all. Other than that preparations for the upcoming archery season are ramping up and I am just waiting for some cool weather to start pruning out the stands already in place from previous years. With over 40 of them out, this alone is a full time project but there is no excuse for not doing the off season work if you truly want to be a trophy hunter. I have a brilliant design for my home made stands and they are a major reason for my occasional success. I also have been getting things ready for the fall fishing season also. I guess that’s it for now and I hope to have some current information and reports soon. TIP: The blocks of styro-foam that are used in the transportation of trailers sold at places such as Tractor Supply, make a great archery target or a bunch make a great backstop. Until recently they were throwing them out or giving them away, free and recycling¬† at the same time is good.

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