Summer starting to wind down

I AM NOT A SUMMER PERSON. Retirement in Florida is not in my master plan and with the first 40 degree mornings recently here in NY I was happier than a pig in poop. We have had a hot summer but with a wet August things are starting to come around quite nicely. I have seen several nice buck near my numerous hunting spots and I am getting restless. My son has his first real bow and shooting is becoming a daily routine. He will have such an advantage in his hunting career having me for a father. I have several stands in place just for him where shot opportunities are pretty much a given and I have bins of old hunting clothes that I outgrew and saved just for him that will now come into play.¬† I love when a plan comes together and this one is coming along nicely. I am already getting reports of salmon in the Salmon River in Pulaski with our wet August and if things mature with the anticipated hurricane heading up the east coast you might just want to plan for an early run of salmon in the rivers off of Lake Ontario. This wet we3ather will also mean good schools of walleyes moving up the Susquehanna River this year. The fishing for them in the Binghamton¬† area can be nothing short of outstanding once water temps cool in September through December. With many good boat launches having been added in recent years it adds a great amount of access for fishermen with smaller boats. A 1/4 ounce jig and 3 inch mister twister tipped with a minnow is nothing short of deadly down here. I catch 95% of my fish on this setup and purple is my favorite flavor. On dirty water I use green or orange and I love to use the white strip of belly meat from the walleyes I have already filleted on previous trips. This is a great bait that is overlooked by many. I use an exacto knife to cut them into 3-4 inch strips and then freeze them in water in a zip loc bag and they are quick and ready for any outing. They are tougher than hell and when I get into that often quick frenzied bite they allow you to catch many fish without having to re-bait. I usually keep a rod ready with a strip on it.¬† The big old sows love this bait when the river is dirty and rising. Their aren’t many days that I don’t have a bag in the boat. Bye all.

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