Mother Nature gone crazy

We are SLOWLY starting to recover from our latest flood disaster which eclipsed the flood of the 2006 disaster. That was supposed to be the 500 year flood and I guess this must be the 1000 year flood. It is now that the water has receded and that you are able to get into all areas that you begin to appreciate the scope of the damage. Almost anywhere you go peoples entire life’s possessions are heaped at the curb. Dazed home and business owners try to heap more onto these already head high heaps of all they have worked for. It is hard to think about hunting and fishing when so many here are devastated. That said I think my usual concentrated and relentless pursuit of the wily whitetail will be some what abbreviated this year. The last week has been a blur of rescue and now recovery as our entire community is coming together to help those that are WIPED OUT! I now know what the folks after Katrina faced and why it is taking so long for them to recover. Many here are going to walk away from the areas that were pounded twice in 5 years.

The salmon at Pulaski are running like crazy and the deer hunting should be great this year with the biblical apple crop and the amazing mast crop. I have managed a few hours out in the woods but I feel guilty to spend any time on pleasure when so many around me are really suffering. Okay I am off to Conklin now to help my sister in law who is just now getting back into her home. I see no end to how many people that need help but I have had many rewards heaped on me already and now its time to pay it forward and back. We live in the greatest country in the history of the planet don’t ever take it for granted!!!!

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