The Biggest One I have Ever Caught

Carp that is. I have caught some nice ones before but this puppy took the gold medal so far. Jigging for walleyes and I hooked this one right in the tip of the tail and thought I had another one of those monster muskies. I  swear by 6# Trilene XL fishing line and use it for most of my fishing. From 15 inch walleye to 40# carp and muskies it handles them all with proper drag control. It stays incredibly limp in cold water conditions which facilitates great cast ability yet can take the beating these monsters give out. This carp was 36 inches long, 35-40#, my deliar only goes to 28#, 9 inches across and  14 inches deep. That is a fat 16 inch walleye next to it to give you some perspective. This picture doesn’t give you the true view of just how big this thing was. I released her and I hope I catch her again during the annual Sertoma carp derby held here in the Binghamton area of the Susquehanna River. I took 4th in that tourney a few years ago with a 26#er and this thing dwarfed that one. The walleye fishing has been tough this week with the river dropping and clearing and we are separating the men from the boys. You must have faith in the spot and show great patience but limit catches of 15-20 inch fish are being had and last night I saw over a dozen 19-20 inch fish caught between 3 boats. Not bad for this river system. I will be posting a video on my you-tube channel(adirondackwayne) showing highlights from the close of the season. Okay fish hard, time is short, bye.

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    That is a pig! jiggin for piggin!

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