Summer is upon the ADKs

Doggy finds summer life in along the river extremely taxing. Sorry I have not posted in awhile but with a daughter graduating from school and preparing for college… well things have not been what I have been accustomed to. God I have become spoiled. While I have not spent much time in the hills my guides and friends have been putting a whuppin on the fish. Even though much of the nation has been scorched it has set up a ridge along the northern United States that has kept it cooler and wetter recently. The result has been quality trout fishing and fishing in general, along the northern mountains in particular. Here I am stuck at the home office in mid state NY. Grrrrr but I have been taking the punks down to the Susquehanna River for some carp fishing which is great training for when I take them to Pulaski and Lake Ontario this fall. Nothing like a day of landing carp to teach them how those monster browns and steelhead are going to be like. I fondly laugh about a guy telling me how he caught 50 salmon in one day. Yeah right I remember days landing 5 and feeling like I had gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. He may have hooked 50 but he didn’t land no 50. Any way I am loving life as usual and the punks are starting to get some forearms on them from fighting carp. The beauty of the mountains are that on most years are that most years good fishing continues all summer and fall most years and if you love ice fishing then you will like it here. Fish Hard!!

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