The Boys Weekend

CLICK ON ANY PICTURE TO ENLARGE IT. Photos courtesy of master ADK guide Rich Garfield, The father had fished here several times and wanted to break in his sons on some of our monster trout and the fish delivered. The first pic is of one of our German Vohn Behr strain and the second of the Scottish Loch Laven strain which feature less spots. Both strains trace their lineage back to 1895 stockings from Americas first hatchery at Caledonia NY and I am just proud/lucky/blessed to have them right in front of my outpost. Rich said that the young lad had all he could do to land the second one and he had to yell at him to grow some testicles. LOL. He said that they had quite a few really big ones on but could not handle them, but I have grown men here that have the same problem. These are real trout here and not some hatchery punks. I love it, what a way to keep them coming back and get them off the video games and facebook. I have this really special spot here and the more I think about this the more I like the aspect of the youth angle. Nothing spurs them on like success and having tasted it here it will make them a little less bored when they fish other more heavily pounded rivers where the fish are less aggressive and of inferior bloodlines. If you are looking for a place to introduce your son or daughter to the great world of trout fishing and Adirondack camping then I think I have one of the most amazing venues for this in the lower 48. As I state in my homepage this is like an old fashioned camping trip with some upgrades and no hassles of tents. Food cooked over an open fire stream side takes on a flavor unlike any other. All this with liberal doses of hunting and fishing knowledge and bull@$%& will leave them with a taste of what many of us grew up with. It will also instill in them with an appreciation of wild things as they watch the nature literally surrounds and lands on them. Thanks to the tech wizardry of our time the images of these trips will be immortalized on the internet, with your consent, for family, friends and the world to enjoy also. They also will be getting a one on one education in fly fishing from some of the best guides in the Adirondacks with the emphasis on the challenging art of nymphing but which is the meat and potatoes of fly fishing. Orvis states that 90% of a trouts diet is nymphs and up here it almost 100% so they and you will be learning a skill that will serve you a lifetime. I suggest that you not put it off to long because s@&t happens. Your friend Papa Bear.

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