What a difference a little rain can make

The day after my last post the northern region received a nice deluge of rain courtesy of hurricane Issac and the rivers jumped 8-12 inches. I got a call from my friend and NYS guide Rich Garfield during which he stated that he had fished upstream from where we were the day before. He said that the river had jumped 8 inches overnight and that the fishing was nothing short of phenomenal. He caught roughly 90 trout up to 19 inches and that they had almost all fallen to his creation the Ausable Ugly. This is one of those must have patterns on our northern rivers. It is one of Rich’s regular go to patterns with his clients and when he is by himself using these, well the story is usually ugly. This fly and some of his other signature flies are available on his web site flyfishtheadirondacks.com. Also if you need a guide he is about as good as it gets but he is also really in demand and thus book early. A few more good rains and the season is going to end on a really good note. Quite often after an extended hot dry spell if you get a good rain the fishing right then can be amazing. Okay that’s the bears report and do not put of a trip to our region, this is some of the best wild trout fishing in the nation-take advantage of it.

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