Adirondack Conditions Improving

CLICK ON ANY PICTURE TO ENLARGE IT. Water conditions were low, crystal clear and very cold but thanks to some rains they have warmed slightly and become a little discolored. The result has been some fish, with a few nice ones. Slow fishing streamers and combing the bottom like a body hunt was the key. This was on our home river which is pretty good size. Some of the smaller flows have been looking outstanding and up here in the north east part of the state every stream is infested with native trout. You can literally fish many of them right up to the back of the dairy barns they pass by or originate at. They may not hold the huge ones like the big flows but they are a great place to teach youngsters the art of trout fishing. They also give us spoiled veterans a great fall back position when the main flows are unfishable. We are going to be on a late spring up here this year and once again there is very little snow pack but it is better than last year and hopefully not as hot last year. Stone flies have been steadily appearing and they are a staple up here.

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