Trout Fishing in NY Underway

CLICK ON ANY PICTURE TO ENLARGE IT. At least the season is anyway. I just got back from ten days in the northern Adirondacks at my fishing camps and it was a test of survival. I arrived on March the 30th to find the river at a great level and temps in the low 40s, not bad for this time of year. The day before the opener and the camp is already cozy. Visions of big browns on the next days opener began to fill my head. Yeah right this is the northern part of the state and things can quickly change and they did! Two hours after these whimsical thoughts, things had changed alright. Now the emphasis turned from fishing to cutting as much wood as was possible. The temps dropped and the wind steadily increased. Opening day dawned with 30-50 mile an hour sustained winds and temps in the low30s. The main cabin has no heat and thank god for the awesome sleeping bag I have. Night time temps were near 0 and for the next 6 days the wind never went under 30 mph. I burned a face cord for every cord I cut. Night time fires were leaving a heat signature that could be seen from space. Mercifully I have some of the best cold weather gear on the planet thanks to all the ice fishing I do and all in all I was pretty comfy. I am sure by now you are wanting to book a trip with me as soon as you can. Last year this time it had been in the 60s and 70s for weeks but i was still prepared for this. I may have done almost no fishing but the nature and meals made up for it. The geese and ducks have never been as friendly and close as they were on this trip. This is the kind of undisturbed nature that surrounds you as you relax here at camp. The meals I prepare on your trip are as good or better than you can get in the finest gourmet eateries anywhere. The food channel stops by frequently to see what I am cooking. A fine example is these bacon wrapped venison tenderloins dry rubbed in Rob Salamidas Hickory Smoked Seasonings. Then slow cooked over an open fire, need I day more. Oh yeah and then served on an all natural bread, from, need I say more. The fishing here in May-October is some of the best in the country and when you add in the nature perks and food it adds up to very personalized outings. No matter what a trip here is a good thing.

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