Get the fryer oil going. 1/26/11

All kinds of good reports are coming in. One of my friends saw pictures of some really nice walleyes in the 2-5 # range that were caught last weekend. The bad thing is these were caught a hundred yards from where I was fishing, on the other side of the river. We were the coldest spot in the nation those two days so those fellows earned the fish. I don’t often use the hut but I sure did those mornings and hut was good. I have been working my regular job the last few days and unable to make it for the evening bite but my pal Mark has been hitting our spot and making nice catches. Last night he got four fat ones. Any lure with a perch theme has been good and in the last week kastmasters or something with a wide profile and perch colors have excelled, easily out fishing the Rappalas. I can’t wait to continue field testing the new baiting system. The potential of this is frightening and I am working on making it simple to employ in harsh fishing conditions and should be available for you by next season via my website. NYS crappie derby this Saturday which is the annual high point of the season and we look forward to seeing you there! Fish hard, fish often.

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