Circle the wagons!!

The report from yesterday was that the mouth of the Salmon River is stuffed with big Kings. My reporter said that their arms hurt from catching them in the 15-25 # range. Thus with the first good rain the pod is going to move up the river and you will get run over if you are in their way. I fondly remember those early days when we didn’t know blank from sheinola and was glad to have survived the snatching period. For a while thereĀ  it was like Vietnam, you needed a helmet and flak jacket. God though did we see some funny things happen and I only wish they had the camcorders out back then.

Tip: If you have never fished the area before a pair of studded wading shoes such as Korkers can be a limb or life saver. This place can be slipperier than the greased pig at the County Fair. Take at least two back up rods and reels and extra everything. These fish are brutal on sub standard equipment or inept fishermen and take no prisoners. Sound waders are essential.

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