Glad I built that Ark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi gang, Papa Bear reporting here from where my shop used to be. We have been a little busy here in the Binghamton area. WOW we got pounded to put it mildly. These are just a few glimpses of what our and neighboring counties for a 100 miles look like. I live in Vestal NY and we received over a foot of rain here. These photos are almost a 1/4 mile from the Susquehanna River. The flood stage here is 18 feet and we reached 37 feet. The last few says have been surreal and like and episode of the Twilight Zone. At least 20,000 residents here have been displaced and hunting and fishing have taken a back seat to helping your neighbors in a biblical effort to return their lives to some sort of reality. The river is receding but the mud left is like a slippery glue. There is no power and no water so you can’t even clean it and now the mold is starting to take hold. As I toured the region last night on the way home from 5 straight days of rescues and now clean up, it was heartbreaking to see peoples entire lives mounting at the curb. That’s it for now and at least we had only one death as a result of this reminder from Mother Nature as to who the boss is. I will get back to our regular programming as soon as possible.

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