Archery report 10/23/11

Second day in the stands and it featured a crisp morning and unfortunately 2 were bedded under the stand upon arrival. I don’t believe either were the one I was looking for because this old monster doesn’t tolerate much company. No other deer were sighted on the morning session. The afternoon session found me overlooking an apple tree that has about a thousand little red apples on it. This tree is located in a grown over scrub field that is so thick you can’t walk through it. Seven does and yearlings all visited the tree and all could have been dispatched but old big boy didn’t show but it is still early in the season. Over several seasons hunting this little patch I have seen 4 different P&Y buck here. I haven’t hung one of them yet but I learned a long time ago seeing them is one thing and hanging them is another. The thing with this spot is that it is right next to houses and has a major highway on one side and a main street on the other. It is about 2oo yards wide and 400 yards long and the deer love it, so do I. Overlook no spot no matter how small or innoxius.

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