Carp Derby a Huge Success

This 25# carp from the Susquehanna River would not even get a second look during the recent carp tournament on the St. Lawrence at Waddington NY. This marathon 115 hr contest ended with the winners weighing in a total of 1897#. Sore arms were had by all. I was not on site but followed the leader board each day and was amazed at how one day some teams caught few and the next day they vaulted near the top of the contest. Just shows that you can’t give up. This region of NY is a fishing and hunting paradise. World class fishing for many species and a host of venues outside of fishing make it a great vacation area.  The Akwassanee Casino and the incredibly difficult Malone Country Club golf course are but a few of the diverse things to do and see here. I highly recommend looking into this somewhat overlooked region of NY.

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