West Branch Delaware Report

I now have input and current info coming in from my friends and guides fishing the WB on a regular basis. The word is flows are a little low for this time of the year. Prince nymphs had been real hot but the word for yesterday, 5/2, was elk caddis. Now this may have been due to the very strong winds that were gusting up to 35mph. Soft hackle seems to be the rage down there this year and it is worth investigating. I am adding a real nice link on my resource page that will instantly link you to water flows across NYS. The more I explore the USGS site the more valuable info I find there that will aid you in your quest for quality fishing. It allows you to anticipate the water conditions you will face on the streams you plan to visit. This in conjunction with the weather link I have posted will help you maximize your time afield and not support the struggling oil companies. I also am becoming involved in a property offering on the WB for a limited number of lots right on the river and just below the village of Deposit. I am constructing a page for it and will have it posted on the site shortly. Other than that most streams in the central NY region seem a little clear but with spotty strong thunderstorms in the next few says forecast, things can rapidly change, so use my resources links.

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