Adirondack Trout Fishing Update 7/4

Hotter than my ex-wife after a couple of Margaritas, is how conditions are up here. As I said in an earlier post this is already a way out of whack season. Even though the heat is on up here as it is in most of the nation, we are actually still experiencing quality trout fishing. The little rain we have had has come at critical times and kept the water heights at decent levels. While not many huge ones have been caught as of late there have been a few 20 inch and several 16-18. Many small fish have been caught so all in all it could be worse. The outlook is not good for the next few weeks and with water temps in the 70+ range today I would advise seeking the rivers that course through the steepest cliffs you can find. Better still now would be a great time to rest them and go bother the Muskies or Smallmouth’s. If you have to go trout fishing then I would think that the West Branch of the Ausable might be a good spot. Decent to good fishing at the base of White Face Mountain and amazing scenery. Even if the fishing is tough there is a lot to do in the region.

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