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Hello fellow hunting and fishing aficionados, welcome to Bear Treks. This is my blog to give you useful and current reports on my own outings and information that has been sent to me from knowledgeable sportsmen that just might help you in your pursuit of fish and game.

Papa Bear Outdoors is my company based in Binghamton N.Y. I am an inventor of unique cutting edge products designed to make your precious time afield as successful as possible. This is also your link to some of the best wild trout fishing in the East if not the whole country.

Late June 2011 Fishing Report, Adirondack Retreats

Fishing Report for June 28, 2011:
Air Temp: 75 degrees
Water Temp: 63 degrees
Water levels: a bit low
Fish activity: excellent
Hatch activity: BWO, Caddis
Nymphs: AuSable Ugly, Black Stonefly, Yuk Bug

Over 40 fish were taken inside a 2 day stretch at Papa Bear’s Outdoors Adirondack Retreats. Many trout taken in the 17-19″ range, several more larger trout were broken off. Browns, Rainbows, and Brookies were all brought to net over a fantastic weekend in the Adirondacks. More pictures can be viewed here.

Custom tied stonefly patterns have taken the majority of the trout in June. The largest trout seem to be holding in the deepest pools on the property, are holed up due to the drop in water level, and generally like to hold in the heads of the riffles of the deepest runs available.

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Not even his mother liked this face!


Look at the face on this monster. He must have had some major facial trauma when he was younger and only reinforces how incredibly tough these fish are here. His lower snout looks like a door stop and the upper like it was from an elephant. How it ate must have been a real interesting event to watch. This 22 inch beast was an old warrior and I hope many little ones made it through with his great survival genes. I caught this one back in 2000 and sure was glad my buddy Jim was along to get a picture. Many of the really big fish here have unique features and it is always great to catch one back and know we had been caught and released.

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Fly Fishermen in their glory!

Water levels are dropping rapidly and a little rain at this point would not hurt but the fly fishing has still been very good with stone flies being the best weapon this past weekend. DavidsĀ  scored this beautiful 19 inch wild brown on one of his own hand tied stone flies. I captured this battle on video and will be posting it on you-tube shortly. It was a great fight especially after I just got done telling David that the browns never leave the hole and this one took off like a rainbow. He also got another 19 inch beauty while I was not along but Greg was and took some nice pictures of it. Many other trout were caught in all sizes down to 5 inches which demonstrates the amazing health of theseĀ  rivers. Our region is blessed with trout fishing that rivals anywhere in the world and it is all located in New York State. You will fish more and spend less by taking a trip this awesome part of our great country. Bring the whole family because there is so much more to do besides fishing!!! Give the bear a call and lets organize something for you.

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What Are The Strongest Fishing Knots?

Field & Stream just published a slideshow of the 5 strongest fishing knots available to use. They filed the article under “Bass” but these are of course good for “Trout” as well. Check it out.

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