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Hello fellow hunting and fishing aficionados, welcome to Bear Treks. This is my blog to give you useful and current reports on my own outings and information that has been sent to me from knowledgeable sportsmen that just might help you in your pursuit of fish and game.

Papa Bear Outdoors is my company based in Binghamton N.Y. I am an inventor of unique cutting edge products designed to make your precious time afield as successful as possible. This is also your link to some of the best wild trout fishing in the East if not the whole country.

Recent Playmates

Here are some pictures of the trout caught on some recent trips. These fish were all caught, photographed and released. Video and photography are a huge part of what Adirondack Retreats is all about. This is fishing for wild brown trout in a pristine setting. Our home river is the crown jewel up here but we are surrounded on all sides by other gems that are all just about as good. With a huge variety of flow sizes, no matter what Mother Nature decides to challenge you with there will always be some that are just right. Just about every stream up here is blessed with healthy populations of native trout and add in the considerable stocking efforts of the DEC and you have rivers that are chock full of trout. If bird watching is your passion then you will love the variety and numbers of migratory birds that find the streams and meadows along the rivers the perfect spot to raise a family. There is so many other things to do up here it is incredible.

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At last good fishing levels return

For the first time this year water levels have returned to levels where you can get a fly down without adding on a #2 split shot. The water temps were nearing the 60 degree mark and the results were amazing. In two weeks of these conditions my friends caught and released many wild browns with eight of them over 20 inches. This is all wading fishing for wild stream browns on freestone streams. All this on classic streams with the Adirondack beauty and nature surrounding you. Biblical fly hatches on tough, rugged trout streams off all sizes and configurations are what you can expect in our remote part of New York State. These streams are stuffed with wild fish and the bigger flows will challenge every skill for a seasoned angler. The small streams are the perfect place to teach a young angler about trout fishing and success is all but a given. Nothing will foster a love of fishing like catching and seeing firsthand how beautifully colored these native fish are. The more I speak with world traveled fly fishermen, the more I realize just how good the trout fishing is up here. I love teaching youngsters about fishing and seeing the glow on their faces as they catch and release them. I will go out of my way to do this. This place is not about money but rather doing the right thing for those that follow, give us a call. We are open to all disciplines of trout fishing as long as catch and release is the end result, not everyone is a fly fishermen.

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Chunky Trout

Got a few pictures developed — not the best quality of all time considering it’s a backup disposable from a few years ago, but clearly these trout have girth.

The first is a 15″ rainbow taken at the famed dump hole at the Adirondack Retreats property. Look how chunky this thing is:

And the second is the main event — a 21″ wild brown trout that took several minutes to bring to net and 100+ yards of battlefield. This thing was a brute:

Word from Wayne is that he’s on his way back from the cabin, but he and his guests got into about 15-20 large trout over the 16″ mark on his killer minnow rig. More pictures and video to come soon.

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Amazing Time To Be Fishing The Adirondacks Right Now

Friends of Adirondack Retreats made a few stops on their way to the secret stream this past weekend. 3 trout stops in all – with plentiful browns, rainbows, and brook trout all being caught across the Adirondack park.

Water temps are hanging just above 60 degrees, we’re seeing some rain in the evenings, and the weather conditions have been a mix of overcast, partly sunny and sunny — which has made the fishing conditions absolutely perfect for fly fishing in the Adirondacks. Dries, wets, nymphs, and streamers were all used to bring well over 50 fish to the net over the past weekend. Many trout ranged from 10-12″, many more though were in the 14-16″ class, a few were caught in the 17-18″ range, several larger trout were broken off, but one wild brown of 21-22″ was caught and released after an epic battle at Adirondack Retreats that spanned over 5 minutes and 100 yards of battlefield. Pictures of that beautiful wild brown trout will be posted as soon as they are developed.

Here are some visual highlights of the trip:

The majority of fish were taken on a heavily weighted custom woven Yuk Bug nymph (pattern recipe to be posted soon), Rich Garfield’s Ausable Ugly, Peacock Backed Wooly Buggers, Olive/Pearl flash Caddis emergers, and black stonefly imitations.

More reports to come soon…

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