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Hello fellow hunting and fishing aficionados, welcome to Bear Treks. This is my blog to give you useful and current reports on my own outings and information that has been sent to me from knowledgeable sportsmen that just might help you in your pursuit of fish and game.

Papa Bear Outdoors is my company based in Binghamton N.Y. I am an inventor of unique cutting edge products designed to make your precious time afield as successful as possible. This is also your link to some of the best wild trout fishing in the East if not the whole country.

Lake Ontario is Smoking!

The boys were back at Ontario and the thunder sticks were hot again. Here is Osama Bin Swackhammer with a nice one. Pictured below is one of his trusted advisers Lenny Bin Budweiser. If you are fishing on the lake and see either one of these two near your boat I suggest that you return to the harbor and contact the Coast Guard immediately. There is a reward which can be claimed at Davey’s Last Chance Saloon in Chenango Forks, NY. The fish pictured here were caught on a Dupont Spinner, which is a Quarter stick duct taped to the downrigger ball.

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Monsters on the prowl

These are the kind of trout you can realistically hope to catch here on a trip to Adirondack Retreats. This region is blessed with some awesome trout fishing and due to the incredible forage base the trout grow very large. I have watched videos from all parts of the world and the trout here are just as big and more plentiful. The big thing is that you are here in New York with out a 10,000 mile flight. With the temperatures starting to finally get to where they belong, the fishing is going to pop. We fish a host of rivers and streams in our region and they cover the spectrum of sizes and flows. The result is that no matter what Mother Nature throws at us there is always a spot that is very fishable. Every rivulet up here has trout in it and they are mostly wild fish. We cover waters that will challenge every skill level. This is a great place to teach youngsters about nature and fishing. World class fishing at sane prices is what we are about, give us a call!

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Stripers Are In…

Thought I’d share a little imagery from my maiden voyage to the James River in Richmond VA for a little striper action this past weekend. Based on Papa Bear’s last post with snow blanketing the greater North East region — the slice of heaven that is Central Virginia should look more and more like Nirvana to those looking to get out on the water for some spring fishing that actually feels like spring.

Richmond’s forecast Saturday was such:  80 degrees, Sunny, wind at 3mph.   Urban fishing at its finest…  my commute to the water is ~5 minutes.


From there, a little paddling upstream to the fall line’s main channel makes you have to work for you catch, especially rowing alone.  But within 30 minutes I got into several of these…

…fishing in the same old Coleman canoe I grew up fishing from in upstate NY, courtesy of my Grandfather.  Tight lines he’d always say.  Would’ve loved to have him out there with me.  But I wasn’t completely alone…


It was well deserved after a few more of these were landed:


Of course the biggest fish was lost at the side of the boat, but all in all 7 fish landed over 3 hours.  Chartreuse and white clouser minnow patterns and jigs did the trick. Not a stellar day by any stretch — but a most enjoyable outing for sure.

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Spring is springing

This was early March and now things are green. A super wet spring has given the trout a very nice reprieve and the carryover till next year will be good. Now that turkey season is open many fishermen are after them and with the weather warming lawns need mowing and wives are yelling and things need grilling, you get the picture, safe trout. The high price of gas and video games are helping also to make some of the best trout fishing there has been in forever. Thanks to informed fishermen and conservation minded bag limits, trout fishing is getting better and better, get out there and enjoy it. Other than that things are pretty quiet the last few days as I sit here with my broken ankle. I am starting to limp around a little however. Bye all.

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