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We have the best wild trout fishing and hunting in the Adirondacks – and it’s all right out our front cabin door!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Book your trip to Adirondack Retreats TODAY!

Call Wayne Richardson to check availability, inquire further about becoming a member, or book your introductory trip at Adirondack Retreats as a guest:

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Rates – Variable. See Below

A Note From Papa Bear: As you see I have no prices posted here and the reason is because this is not a traditional fishing business. I am in control of what I believe to be the BEST wild brown trout fishing in New York State and among some of the finest in the country. I am trying to form a special venue dedicated to the trout fishing and outdoor enthusiast. Thus what I am now starting to do is to run introductory trips to show the place and the idea to fellow outdoor fanatics. I have created a snug little spot right in the middle of the best stretch to host these intro trips from.

This spot is very remote, private and unspoiled. You are a mile from the last electric pole and the only running water is what goes by in front of the camp. This is like an old fashioned Adirondack camping trip with upgrades. Each trip is custom tailored to fit your needs, desires and skill levels. Incredible trout fishing is 50 feet from the cabin. This allows for fantastic fishing, for a more aged or somewhat handicapped fishermen and a short hobble back to the camp, a comfy chair in front of the fire and the beverage cart. This is what I view as a U.S. Open caliber fishing river and will challenge all your skills on a good day. Thus unless you are an incredibly savvy trout fishermen you will be required to have one of us to guide you on your first trip. We will take care of the chores but you are welcome to jump in anywhere you want.

Like I said this is a camping trip without the tent, the setup and tear down. You will have a nice bed but this is very rustic setup carved out of a jungle – that is what makes the trout fishing and the nature so amazing. This camp is designed to allow you to enjoy this place no matter what Mother Nature serve’s up… that includes biting insects of all varieties, torrential rains and even snow in June! The bird watching is awesome here and they almost land on you as you relax at camp.

All this said the average trip for two nights and as much fishing as you want to fit in, plus food and beverages is going to average around $1000-1500 for 4 people. I am as fair as is possible and considering the quality of the experience here – I think it is an amazing bargain.

Whether you decide to join my coven of trout fishing or not I guarantee you will have experienced one of the best fishing trips you have ever been on and sampled some of the best the Adirondacks have to offer. Life is finite, good health a blessing but sometimes fleeting, treat yourself to a trip before……


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