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Here on the northern slopes of the Adirondacks life is good and getting better! We are blessed with some of the best WILD trout fishing in the nation.

The ice cold rivulets of the High Peaks region combine to form crystal clear, trout infested, streams and rivers. Natural fertilizers (Moo) and limestone outcroppings make the waters nutrient rich and ph balanced. The result is rivers with incredible bio mass. Schools of minnows and crayfish dart in front of your feet as you wade. Fly hatches occur all day and often take on biblical proportions. All three species of trout are present, but up here the Brown is top dog. German Von Bears and Loch Lavens can trace their lineage from the Bavarian Alps and Scottish Highlands, to the nations first fish hatchery at Caledonia, NY. In a region blessed with incredible trout fishing; we are proud to offer access and lodging at the nerve center. Like an old fashioned ADK camping trip with upgrades is how I describe a trip with us. A cornucopia of wild birds serenade you each morning as you lay in your bunk awaiting the smell of fresh coffee. You are seated 30 feet from the river, in front of a roaring fire, as you enjoy that steaming mug, plotting a strategy to defeat the vermit trout.

You work your buttocks off on a river that is the equivalent of a U.S. Open golf course; it will challenge every skill you posses. Resident Evil is the thriving population of wild trout that lurk in shadowy places. These ancient strain browns gorge themselves on the bonanza of forage and their bodies often exhibit Orca like proportions. Many are on the cusp of how big freestone trout can grow. These wild fish move around a lot and nothing can be overlooked, it changes daily. Nymphing is a critical skill here, bring plenty. After the fish and the river have kicked your (vehicle that Jesus drove), you will slink back to camp. You peel off your armor and within 5 minutes your in front of a nice fire, with a cold beverage, licking your wounds. Soon the sounds and smells of the wood fired gourmet meal I am preparing reach you. You become sedate and relaxed as your stomach awaits stuffing. After this orgy of food we will gather in front of the fire recanting the day and tales of yore. As you snuggle into your crib the soothing sounds of the river carry you off to meet the Sandman……

This is a very remote and pristine location yet you are near civilization. You are located close to many of the best trout streams in the state and new challenges abound nearby. Streams and rivers of all sizes allow for options no matter what mother nature throws at you. Trout thrive here and inhabit nearly everything that has water. It is a super spot to nurture younger anglers interest for trout fishing and nature. Speaking of nature, it surrounds and sometimes lands on you. Many non threatening animals make their homes here and squadrons of migratory song birds find this the perfect spot to nest. The birdwatching is off the chart. With this being one of the earliest settled regions in the country many heritage strains of fauna may be found here. The regional architecture displays the history of our nation. Antiques are hidden away throughout the area and you never know what one might find at the garage sales that spring up roadside. Championship golf, a full casino and the hiking trails of the High Peaks region are all close, so there is something for everyone! I could go on but I think you get the picture. We tailor each trip to fit you and your needs. Think of this like having a grandpa in the mountains, he is going to do his best to see that you have a good time. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing if we can put you in the picture.

Thanks for visiting our website and hope to see you at our stream side site. PLEASE call with any questions.

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Papa Bear’s Outdoors is a private river-side cabin retreat that offers the finest trout fishing and hunting opportunities in the Adirondacks and Northern New York!

Papa Bear’s Outdoors offers private tours and members only access to some of the best kept secrets in the Adirondacks. This is experiencing the outdoors as it ought to be!


Hunting, Fishing, Conservation, Preservation… all are practiced and spoken here.

The fishing in our region of the Adirondack Mountains just may be the best in the east. We have created a club for a limited group of sportsmen and nature enthusiasts that will place them at the center of some of the best venues in the Adirondack mountains.

Our private 750 acreage in Northern New York offers the most incredible experiences in:

  • Wild Trout Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Camping
  • Wildlife
  • Expert Guides

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“We have our finger on the pulse of the region and guarantee to do our level best to put you in front of the best trophies the region has to offer.”



Looking for an Adirondack Sportsmen Club? Look no further.

Trout fishing for wild brown, brook, and rainbow trout in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York is what Papa Bear’s Adirondack Retreats is all about. All catch and release on a beautiful freestone river with prolific hatches of insects such as mayfly, caddis and stone flies. Remote and beautiful. A fantastic spot for birding and watching almost undisturbed nature. Very private and pristine. Adirondack Retreats is conveniently located to many of the best rivers in northern NY.