The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Here is a beautiful 21 inch brown caught in early September several years ago. Fall trout fishing in the Adirondacks is as good as in the spring but with a different motivation for the trout. In the spring they are gorging because it had been a long tough winter, in the fall they know the winter is coming. They have feasted all summer long and with the mating season coming they are strong, have an attitude and an agenda. Fall Turkey season is opening soon and deer hunting opens early in the northern zone so there is a steadily increasing pace to life here as the days shorten and the nights get cooler. If you have your unfilled archery tag from last year it is good for the last days of September before the new license year starts. Wild mushrooms begin to abound and the victory garden is now spitting out vegetables at a viscous rate. Most days start with the pressure caner and dehydrator going full tilt. I feel like one of the squirrels in the yard, going from sun up till dark and I love it. My son gets his first archery tag this year so the pace seems a little more torrid than usual and the fact that the archery season opens 2 weeks earlier than usual this year is adding to the fervor. I must quit my regular job in order to keep up. Okay that is it for now the time is up on the caner.

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