tom 22 incher

tom 22

Toms 22 inch monster. It was Easter weekend in Northern NY and as usual for that time of year you can expect the weather to be anything from nice to rotten. This day was rotten with an air temp of 38 and a similar water temp. Tom has come up to visit me as that this is my traditional time to be opening the camp up. He had the itch to be throwing a fly around and headed up above camp for a little session. About an hour later he reappeared and had nothing to report as he warmed himself in front of the raging fire I had going. Snowflakes were flying as he said he was heading down stream to a large pool about 200 yards below camp. I said to him ” Tom go try right below camp where two branches of a split in the river formed a confluence”. I told him that I had a couple of good hits there the day before and that I had a large one on there the previous Fall. He dragged himself away from the soothing fire and headed across. I watched him for a few minutes and then got back to work around the camp. Next thing I know i here all this yelling and look over to see his fly rod bent in a giant C. I grabbed the camcorder, which is always at the ready here, and went to his aid. Five minutes, of epic battle, later this slob came to net and after a photo session was released. This was one of the most impressive trout I have ever seen and I have seen a lot. This brown had to be pushing 7#s and the jaw on the thing looked like the chin on Mike Tyson. This was a brute and as soon as I get the needed equipment and skills to transfer the old 8mm tapes to digital you will see the battle on my site. The photos don’t do it justice, this thing was a slob.

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