Things returning to normal

At last things are stabilizing it what has been an interesting weather year to say the least. It will take years for my neighbors to get back to where they were after the flooding here in the southern tier of NY. In the Adirondacks stream conditions are perfect and recent fishing outings once again produced many fish. The heavy rain has done what I expected and put the fish on their annual staging runs for spawning early this year. A father and son out of my operation caught and released over 40 browns last weekend. The last two weeks of the season will be fantastic if we don’t get any more heavy rain. The floods of the past few weeks have created many new holes and runs which means all new challenges. Along the Lake Ontario region the salmon are starting to swarm and the runs intensify with each passing day. Some gigantic brown trout are following them and then come the steel-head. With all this rain a region that not many take advantage off is the tributaries off of the Finger Lakes. The Landlock runs here in the fall can be brutal and this wet year is going to spur this to a potentially biblical level. The same will hold true for the runs that come up out Lake Champlain. Last years runs were heavy to say the least and with the removal of barriers on the Bouquet and Saranac Rivers things are only going to get better. Right now the world carp fishing championship is going on at Waddington on the St. Lawrence River. This is a growing angling venue and this years contest features 100 teams in a 115 hour long fishing marathon. is your link to information on this unique contest and a constantly updated leader board. There will be plenty of Alive consumed by the winners after this contest to relax sore muscles I am sure. Bye for now.

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